Resort parking "check in" times

For our December trip, we will be doing 7 nights at Boardwalk, and then transferring to the Contemporary for one night.

I’m wondering if there is a “check in” time for parking that is allowed? Specifically, I’m wondering if, when we wake at Boardwalk after our last night, can we pack everything up and immediately move our car over the Contemporary even though we can’t check into the resort officially until 4:00 pm?

Or, will we need to leave our vehicle at Boardwalk, and then when it is time to check in to the resort, drive to the Contemporary? (Or, alternatively, drive our vehicle to one of the parks and then head to the Contemporary at check in.)

You can check in anytime after about 6am, when the room booking/assignment systems roll over to the next day.

The 3pm time is the stated “room available” time.

Once you’ve checked in you can use all resort facilities. The guard at the gate will see you have a reservation starting that day and let you park.

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Thanks. That is what I thought, but couldn’t find explicit language on Disney’s site to be sure.