Resort mug

If I have a refillable mug will it be linked to my magic band? What I really want to know is that if I want to grab a cup of coffee to drink while I wait for the bus can I just fill a disposable cup (or collapsing mug)? Or do I have to use the proper mug then be stuck with it all day? I feel that coffee will be my sanity saver on the days I’m cracking the whip getting 5 other people to RD. :joy:

There is a chip in the mug that lets the dispenser know it can fill your cup. Your magicband is not used at all. If you had time you could fill the mug, pour it into a disposable cup and return the mug to your room, but otherwise you would be stuck carting the mug with you.

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I was told that all cups have a micro chip this way you can’t buy one drink and fill other cups. You have to wait several min. between refills. This stinks if you make a mistake or the syrup runs out.

We will have backpacks so we can carry our mugs while in the parks as well as other things.

That makes more sense. I was hoping to get coffee from a dispenser than brewing in my room as it’s usually much hotter but I suppose I can make do.
Thank you

The chips are only for soda. the coffee, iced tea and hot chocolate are not on the system. Fill up as much and often as you please on those.


We just stayed at AKL Kidani Village and the coffee was dispensed from a coffee pot. There was no chip involved. But you get the coffee in a small store and the cast members are standing right there. I feel like it could be an issue if you’re trying to fill your own cup because there wouldn’t be any proof that you purchased the mug.