Resort guest fee and EMH questions

If we pay a resort fee for an additional guest that wasn’t on the original reservation, can this person take advantage of extra magic hours? I’m able to add them to ADR’s and 60 day FPP planning but I am unable to find the answer anywhere to this. Also, does anyone know how much the resort fee is at AKL? Thank you.

There is no separate resort fee at Disney. What type of room do you have and how many adults/children are in the room? There are room limits, but if you are under them you can add them to your reservation.

Do you mean a fee for an extra adult in the room? We had to pay a fee to add a 3rd adult in the room at WL b/c our original reservation was only for 2 adults. And then, they are set up for DME, EMH, FPP, etc. Not sure if this is normal or not as it’s the only time we’ve ever had more than 2 adults in the room.

Some places have a “resort fee” you can pay to use the facility and get any advantages without actually staying there. I think that’s what they are asking.

Disney does not do this. You want the on-property advantages, you need to be registered in a room as if you were staying there.

Gotcha–I was thrown off by op saying “on the original reservation” thinking they meant they were adding someone to the reservation. I knew that Disney doesn’t offer resort fees for use to others and I’m happy about that–it’s busy enough as is!

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2 adults and 1 child. Adding 1 adult daughter that cannot be with us the entire trip so that is why she isn’t on the original reservation.

An additional adult can be added to your stay for an additional fee. At AKL that fee is $25 a night.

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