Resort Guest and LL booking times

We are checking in on Dec 31, arriving at the resort around 11-12pm. What is our LL booking procedure?
A) We are considered Resort Guests, book 1st LL at 7am and continuing every 2hrs?
B) We are considered Off-Property and have to wait until park open?

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You can start booking regular LL at 7am regardless of your status as on-site or off-site.

For ILL, you can book at 7am since you are considered on-site for the duration of your stay, including your check-in day and check-out day.


Disney considers you on-site your entire check in day and your entire check out day.

Everyone who has a park reservation that day can book a 7 am LL. Only on-site can book a 7 am ILL.


Thank you both for the info. It settled confusion between DH and I, and we are both on the same page now.

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