Resort Fax Numbers or Email Addresses For Room Requests

I am starting this thread as a way to collect and collate resort fax numbers and/or email addresses for making room requests. On the old format, this question came up with great frequency. After exploring the “hotels” section of the touring plans website, I found phone numbers and addresses for hotels but no fax numbers or email addresses. So, let’s please share what has worked for you. Just list resort name and method of contact. (I’ve never done it, so I don’t have anything to share, just hoping for information from others.)

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Here’s a useful resource…


dang it @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1!!! you so quick on the draw!!


Thx for the info!! Can someone remind me the best time to fax the request? I believe it was four days out correct?

4-5 days out is best.

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Have you had good experiences getting room requests honored during busy times ?

Also, has anyone had luck with email? I seem to recall that someone once posted in chat that they had emailed a request and it worked well. They may have even gotten some kind of response.

Thanks for this! Trying it now.

For resorts that don’t accept faxed room requests (e.g. VWL), how do I submit a room request?

You can call and have it added to your reservation. I could swear someone said vwl was accepting faxes now.