Resort Dining- getting from my hotel to another

I’m planning a few meals in resort restaurants. How do we get from our resort (Coronado Springs) to AKL or Grand Floridian? Do we have to go to a park first, then hop on that resort bus? That seems like it’ll take forever, so if that’s the way to go, how much time do we give ourselves to do this? Thanks!!

If you want to do it for free using Disney transportation, then yes, you hop on a bus from Coronado Springs to the park that makes sense geographically.

For Animal Kingdom Lodge, you go to Animal Kingdom, and then get on a bus to the Lodge. The 2nd bus ride is super short because AKL is so near AK.

For the Grand Floridian, you take the bus to Magic Kingdom. Then you can choose to take the boat or the resort monorail to the Grand Floridian. Both are very near the buses right at the entrance to MK, so just hop on the one that’s there and less busy.

I would allow 60-90 minutes. It’s not likely to take more than an hour, but bad luck with timing along the way can slow you down. Leaving extra time makes the process less stressful.

If I’m in a hurry, or running late, I use Uber to get from resort to resort. It’s MUCH faster and very affordable. You’ll need an app on your phone to request a car, and there’s almost always a car near every resort lobby. The payment goes through the app, is safe and reputable, and you don’t need any cash or to tip. You could also ask the door/bell person to call a taxi for you, but that will be more expensive. I’d probably allow 45 minutes for an Uber or taxi ride.


Don’t memean to hijack the thread but I have a similar question: I was planning on uber, but my sister is super anxious about using them and would rather not. If we have an 8pm adr for Boma and need to get back to Pop, can we take a bus to DS and transfer there? Do the buses run that late?

Yes, that will take a long time (the ride alone to DS is long) but you can do it. It may be “worth it” to spend the $20 for a taxi?

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If you have your own vehicle onsite, is there any reason you can’t drive to another resort? Only had my car onsite once and never drove it again until we left. But do recall having to check in at security for access to the resort’s parking lot. Dido with a rental car on another visit … stop to verify reservation at the resort parking lot security entrance.

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Last time we were there we stayed at YC with our vehicle and drove to Kidani for dinner. No problem. Security allows resort guests to park in any resort.

I always drive to WDW and rarely use the car once I’m there - except for resort-to-resort travel.

I have similar Uber concerns. We’ve taken taxis on property and had great experiences, and always found it cheaper than expected. So Uber is cheaper, but we’ve never spent more than $15-$16 (+$2 tip) for a cab all over WDW, farthest trip was maybe Boma to YC or BC to CR.

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That’s great to hear @mossmacl! The one time I took a taxi from POFQ to YC, it took 20 minutes to arrive, cost $40, and he only took cash. It felt sketchy. I’ve probably let that bad experience color my opinion. It’s great to hear that’s not the norm! I do think that I’d try a taxi again if there was one waiting nearby. Convenience beats out cost every time.

That is very strange. The benefit of taking a taxi is that they are usually lines up and waiting at the resorts. I have always just gone to bell services, they immediately call one over and it has never cost more than $20- usually including tip,

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It must have been a fluke. Maybe the bell person called a friend. :laughing: It was at 6 or 7 pm so you would think there would have been taxis waiting!

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Just curious what the concerns are regarding Uber. In regards to convenience, the app itself will tell you exactly how far away the car is. So 10-15 minutes before you need to leave, you can pull up the app and see if the car is 4 or 6 minutes away and then just order when the time is right. You will also know ahead of time how much it will cost.

There could be a few concerns: linking and saving your credit card information is a concern for some . I think there are also concerns in some areas of the country where there have been some high profile attacks on women by Uber drivers. It may happen but you never hear those reports about taxi drivers (more intense background checks). In my area all school employees must be checked against the sex offender registry and be fingerprinted. Uber drivers do not need these checks.


Agree with Principal - qualifications to drive for Uber far different from what’s required for Taxi. Meaning some drivers will be awesome, but there’s no great way to rule out duds until after they’ve given some awful rides and gotten enough low ratings.

I have a similar question I just thought about. I am planning on dining at Shula’s and was going to take a bus from the resort to blizzard beach, but if BB closes at 5, then the buses stop around 6 huh? So I’d need to use Uber for say an 8pm ADR there?

You also cannot get a bus from a resort dirtectly to the water parks. Why BB after closure?

I didn’t know that the buses don’t run to the water parks from the resorts. That stinks. We are planning on having dinner at Shula’s at the Dolphin, and I thought the best way to get there would be to get the bus to BB then walk.

Where are you coming from? The buses run from MK and AK to the swan/dolphin and you can walk from HS or EP.

Are you going to be at BB, a park, onsite or offsite before your meal? It should be easy to come up with a plan.

We’d be coming from POFQ.

If you want to rely on Disney transportation: take the bus to Hollywood Studios. When you get off the bus as you walk towards the entrance you will see a boat dock (before the gate) . That boat will take you to the swan/dolphin. Or on the other side of the waterway you will see a path along the water that you can walk (15-20 minutes). On the way back you can take a bus to any open park and then transfer to FQ bus, or take a bus to Disney Spring and then bus or boat back. Enjoy!