Resort Dilemma

My family (Me, DH, DD7, + my Mom & Dad) are booked in a preferred 5th sleeper room at CBR for next June. I just learned that POR is open for reservations and decided to price out our trip there. Moving to POR would save us about $450 overall. We plan to add the DDP when it’s available again and this money would go a ways to covering part of that cost. Anyway- in my mind, the main differences come down to skyliner vs no skyliner. For those of you who have experienced both resorts, which do you prefer? Is the skyliner worth the extra money? Are there other features of POR that might make it preferable even without the sky liner service?

I absolutely love POR and that will always be my choice. I love the grounds, food court, and hopefully the boat to DS will return.

I was in Disney the week of June 21 this year. I will caution you on planning, or making any decisions based on the sky liner. It was closed every afternoon/evening due to storms.


Boat to Disney Springs?

POR is my favorite moderate :slight_smile:


I think that if the boat to DS is running (we sure missed it last month during our stay at OKW), then POR is a no brainer. You have a TS restaurant there, plus you can walk to POFQ for food and ambience.

We loved the sky liner when we rode it, and it was certainly better than the buses, but it isn’t worth $450 extra when it can’t take you to MK, AK, or DS.

We were in a similar position for our last trip…had a 5-sleeper room at CBR and then switched to a 1-BR Villa at OKW because of a 30% discount that was released. It ended up costing about $1,000 more but we got a lot more room and a better overall location. Plus, we got a magical upgrade from Disney when we checked in and got put in a 2-BR Villa in the best building at the resort. So, of course we were happy.