Resort decisions... Yes, again!

Amazing that Disneyland - with all the Good Neighbor resort options - was an easier decision for me (I’ve decided that since this is my “pseudo-first trip” I’m splurging on the Disneyland Hotel) than WDW… But here we are.

WDW trip August 23-28. Park schedule currently: Studios, AK, MK, Epcot, AK. I have a hopper, but am not 100% sold on keeping it, so new pricing is without the hopper.

Currently at Beach Club Villas, but definitely rethinking it. Not overly thrilled with the decor (carpet, one showerhead, etc.) and the lack of QS option. I’d thought being that close to Epcot would be good with hopping, but since I’m thinking of dropping that option, that kind of negates that argument. Also, I’m still one who loves coming into Epcot from the front entrance - I don’t feel like I’m in Epcot coming in the IG.

Considering in order of savings amount:

AKL Standard View Room - savings of 388.64
Pros: AK is my favorite park and I love the thought of AKL; Zebra Domes; can request a partial savanna view but even if I don’t get it, there are places to see the animals all around; all inside once I’m inside so in case of rain, I’d stay dry
Cons: The most expensive of my options; Standard View, so no guarantee that I’d have a partial view (but see the pros for other locations); lots of the rooms with the redo have gone to a shower only and I do like a soak in the tub before feet up the wall each night.

Copper Creek Villas Studio (either tub/shower or shower only is available) - savings of 524.77
Pros: Good food choices (bison burger at Geyser Point, I’m looking at you in particular); I could book the tub/shower and know I’ve got a tub; boat to MK is fun (did that this past summer when a friend and I went to Whispering Canyon from MK) - and theoretically I could boat to MK then monorail to Epcot; all inside, so in case of rain I’d be dry once inside
Cons: If I go with the tub/shower most of those are first floor and I prefer higher for limiting the noise above factor and more space between me and possible critters; not 100% sold on the PNW themeing in Florida, but it would be a totally new experience for me

Riviera Tower Studio - savings of 574.27
Pros: Beautiful resort; I pretty much live in a small space anyway, so no real difference or “OMG IT’S SO SMALL” reaction from me; easy access to CBR for its food court and Sebastians if I want that; reports are that the Tower Studios are very quiet
Neutral: Skyliner - not my favorite but I don’t HATE it, and in August, storms could definitely be an issue
Cons: Skyliner to Epcot in particular - see my comment about preferring the front entrance to Epcot; I’d be very sad if I got the accessible (still unclear as to how a room with only a Murphy bed and nothing indicating any way to get it down other than pulling it) room which has a shallow tub as opposed to the huge shower the other Tower Studios have)

CSR Gran Destino Tower Water View Room (Standard the same price, so why not go with Water View) - savings of 819.52
Pros: Beautiful resort; I really enjoyed my time there in July; staying in the Tower, I’d be inside once in in case of rain; Tower is kind of Deluxe Junior
Cons: it’s still a moderate, so I’d not be eligible for evening hours if those are still going on (those evening hours are honestly the best argument for keeping the hopper as that would be easier than rearranging my park days); currently still the most restrictive QS with only grab and go and since it is not owned by Disney who knows how long that will continue

CBR King Room - savings of 1098.52
Pros: this was my first Disney resort so it has a special place in my heart; I’d almost for sure have a corner room as almost all of their King rooms are corners; it is the Skyliner hub, so no need to transfer lines; the “OMG IT’S SO BIG” doesn’t phase me as I walk everywhere in NYC
Cons: again with the Skyliner not being my favorite and also the Epcot entrance thing; not renovated/new rooms; a moderate so no evening hours

Of course the evening hours are kind of an unknown - will they continue? will they expand? I’m hoping that Boo Bash or MNSSHP or whatever they do next year will be going on so I can get a ticket to that (I guess that could be a point in CCV’s favor as I could easily get to MK after changing into costume…) But I’m not sure how much the evening hours for Deluxe/Villas should enter into the picture.


Considering we don’t know the status of the evening hours and that as of right now you’d only be able to go to the 1 on Wednesday night, I would go with the tower at CSR. With AK twice and MK, you’ll have to take a bus regardless of hotel so skyliner isn’t a huge factor. I agree there are way better qs dining options at CBR, but the experience in the tower is just exceptional and there are still a lot of food options at CSR.

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I will wait for the later rounds of this game. I know there’ll be more :laughing:



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True. How could I forget that burger at Three Bridges???


Yeah Three Bridges, Toledo, Daliah, Rix, Maya Grill, Pepper Market, the margarita stand… lots of options.


In 2010 we tried this from WLV (now Boulder Ridge?) to accommodate a newbies wish to ride the monorail.

I somehow didn’t know that once we disembarked the MK monorail we went down and then up to the loading area for the Epcot monorail.

Our [older] newbies were fairly worn out but uncomplaining.

Perhaps this has changed or does one still change platforms?

Also, the walk from the MK boat dock to the MK monorail is uncovered. And sometimes crowded.

In nice pre covid weather we have taken the launch from WL to the Contemporary to ride the monorail. Bit of a walk from the dock - not fun in hot sunny weather, but maybe fewer crowds.

We’ve also just gone from the Contemporary boat dock and walked to MK to rope drop Dumbo before he became a duo.

The Murphy bed question is confusing me, tho.

About the Riviera Tower Studio? That room only has a Murphy bed. Reportedly a very comfy one, but also reportedly one that is very difficult to pull down. The rooms accommodate 2 max. I’ve seen videos of the one wheelchair accessible Tower Studio, and there appears to be no way to lower the bed other than manually pulling it down and the handles are pretty high up. I mean, I guess they are assuming anyone in a wheelchair automatically travels with someone not - but that is not necessarily the case.

It just seems weird to have a room where the bed requires you to pull it down wheelchair accessible with no accessible way to get the bed down.

I think your best bet is Gran Destino tower. This is my go to when I am not staying on DVC points I love it there. Its a beautiful hotel at a great price. Cash prices, especially at rack rate are just too high for the deluxe resorts. Think of what you could do with that $819 savings.

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Another vote for GDT. I have to add: the skyliner will go down every single day in August (actually through most of the summer). Every day it goes down Disney will be “surprised” and suddenly realize they need to run buses. Every day that process takes a long time.



My gut was leaning GDT. Nice to have the guy backed up. Email sent to TA. :smiley:


Ah. Accessible. Thanks.

Somehow missed that.

I wish I could recall where the pull was on the Murphy bed in our 2 br SSR. I’m barely 5 ft and no where near as able as I was just 3 or 4 years ago. The bed went up and down easily for me once I got it going. Definite manual pull. It was lower to the floor which I liked.

To be accessible it’d need a motor assist. I wonder how the king bed in the bedroom is accessible. I would have wanted a stool for that bed.

FWIW, I think that’s the “blue launch” and I don’t think it’s running yet. Not sure if a date has been announced or not on that.

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Also, fwiw, in December 2020 we saw the little resort launches being used but not to Contemporary. Might have even taken one from the Poly to MK. (Who remembers? )

I really like those little launches, when it’s not rainy.


Yes, all the MK/resort ones were up and running in June when we were there. Just not the one between WL/FW/Contemporary.

We really liked hopping on the launches to grab a late lunch at one of the resorts after a morning at MK on our way to a midday break. It was just rather a long route to get back from WL to TTC with the Blue Launch not running.

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Anyone know if the Blue Launch is running yet from Ft W to the Contemporary and the Wilderness Lodge?