Resort days at the poly


I've never stayed at the poly before-I've been there to eat at Ohanas and Kona cafe which I loved! But I'm planning a trip there late August for 9 days and I'm wondering how many resort only days should i plan? My last trip was to AKL and I wished I had planned more resort time. Is one and a half resort days enough to enjoy it? We also will probably take some afternoons here and there to do pool other days.


We stayed there last year and I scheduled 2 full resort days. I think it was enough but my kids would have liked more. They loved the parks but honestly I think they liked the days swimming at the resort as much. I did park day, resort day, park day, resort day, park day, park day. They would have liked to have had another day at the resort before we left I'm sure. But no matter how many resort days we had, they would have wanted another :slight_smile:


I stayed at the Poly a couple of times last year. I found it was important to plan specific times I wanted to be at the resort for example afternoons for both pools (love the Oasis) and night for Wishes from the beach.


Thank you both! I think I will add another resort day. My 6yo will definitely want a lot of pool time. Did either of you use the kids club? We've never done it but thinking about using it since it's on property. Any other suggestions about staying at the poly are also appreciated!


I did not use the kid's club since I was with a 20 month old. Even at that age the resort was one of the highlights of the trip. He loved being there.


We didn't use the kids club either.


DD loves the Kids' Club at the Poly. She has been four times and does not seem to tire of it...lots of princess costumes! She has requested another visit on our next will be bittersweet as this will be her last time since she will soon be twelve. :cry: There is unstructured playtime as well as a group cooking project, crafts, and last time Captain Hook made an appearance. I don't know what we'll do for a date night now!