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Wanted to get some opinions on which resort to go with for our next trip. Would you go with Yacht Club, Beach Club or Wilderness Lodge and why? Caveat that Yacht and Beach Club are the same price and Wilderness Lodge is about $300 less. Price is making me lean towards Wilderness Lodge but worried a little about travel time to the parks. The convenience of Yacht and Beach Club is appealing. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

I’m (hopefully - still waiting on confirmation) staying at BC for my next trip. I’ve stayed at WL and it is amazing, but I love the idea of the location and the pool at BC. Hoping it lives up to my expectations.

If you are going to spend most of your time at MK, WL is a good option transportation-wise. The theming of the hotel and pool is really spectacular. There’s something extra cozy about a lodge.


Can’t go wrong with either. If you are planning more time at Epcot and/or HS, I would choose YC or BC (maybe). Having said that I absolutely love WL and last we were there buses were prompt and so was boat to MK and if you are going to save 300 dollars, if buses are slow, there is always UBER.

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Who is traveling?

WL is my home resort- I love it! The boat ride to MK is my favorite way to travel to/from MK. If I was going to pick between YC/BC I would always go with YC, but I have “a thing” for balconies.

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Beach/Yacht wins it for me because you can walk or boat to 2 parks. WL is lovely, but lacks in transportation unless you spend most of your trip at MK (we don’t).


Me, my wife and 2 daughters 10 & 5

Beach Club

Easy access to two parks




You could always do a split stay. Plan HS and EP when you’re at YC/BC and MK for when you’re at WL.


I second this answer

The good news is you can’t go wrong here!

The Y&B pool is amazing. I stayed there when I was around 10 and distinctly remember how much I loved the pool at that age. If you are pool people, or you plan to spend a lot of time at EPCOT, I’d recommend staying here.

Wilderness Lodge is gorgeous. If you are going around the holidays or enjoy more of a break from the parks, it is beautifully decorated and quieter year-round (feels like a vacation within a vacation). The pool here is also very nice and MK is just a boat ride away. For $300 less, it won’t really feel like it.

I’d recommend checking out the room layouts - maybe that will help you decide?

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With a 10 and 5 year old on the trip … my vote is for Wilderness Lodge.


This is what we actually did - the split stay! I loved the ambiance of the WL but gotta also say it seemed way out of the way - I would definitely have a car if staying there. I wasn’t overwhelmed with YC vibe, but we loved being close to the Boardwalk and Epcot. Note it wasn’t really pool weather when we were there so could be why YC didn’t score higher with us.

Wilderness lodge has my heart, but we recently stayed at Yacht and it was great. I loved the rooms, and being so close to two parks was fantastic. We finally got to see what SAB was like, and it was definitely enjoyable, but I don’t know that I’d stay there just for that. My kids said they liked the pools at WL better, but that the slide at SAB was amazing.

I like a balcony, so I’d go with Yacht over Beach.

If I was going for more than 5 days I’d do a split, and enjoy both. Travel day can be annoying, but we are ready to go and put swim suits in one bag to change into for the afternoon, waiting for the new room- or we go to the game room for a while, or an early afternoon nosh.

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