Resort Change -- Different Information from Different CMs -- Advice Needed

My family and I are heading to WDW for the week of 9/6/20. We booked a Family Suite at AoA, but that resort will be closed for our dates. We chose that room because we wanted to have a separate bedroom from our kids, as well as the Skyliner availability.

I called yesterday and was given 3 options for villas at a new resort: Riviera, Bay Lake, and Saratoga Springs. The CM I spoke to was super helpful. I told her I would call back today so that my wife and I could discuss our options last night.

Well, I called back today to change to the Riviera and I was told that was not an option from a different CM. In fact, my only option was the Animal Kingdom Villas. I was told that I should have never been given any options to begin with.

The CM I spoke with today said they are going to have to “review my situation,” and will call me back tomorrow since “her shift was ending at 3pm.”

Since I was originally told the 1 Bedroom Villa at Riviera was an option, my heart is now set on it. It fits every reason we chose our original resort. I understand this is unprecedented for them, but I got a completely different story and tone today.

How do you all think I should proceed? Should I call back today? Should I wait for them to call back tomorrow? Am I being too picky on the resort…?

Based on that you had a family suite, I would absolutely encourage you to push for a 1BR accommodation. If they are willing to do a 1BR at Kidani, so much the better, but if they are trying to squash you into a studio, when you had much more square footage booked, I would press pretty hard.

I would probably call back again. If there are notes on your file, the person with whom you speak should be able to say as much. OTOH, if you get someone else and are able to escalate it now (if they won’t give you a 1BR) then so much the better. I would be stewing all night about it, myself. No harm in trying to call if you have the time to do it today (and wait on hold)


A one bedroom at Kidani has 2 full bathrooms, and a very large veranda for watching the wildlife. And the pool is so family friendly. I know you wrote that you have your heart set on Riviera, but in case you cannot get it, grab Kidani


For clarification, the option presented today was a 2 bedroom villa at Kidani. I totally understand that option is a MAJOR upgrade from what I had.

I guess where my struggle lies is that I really wanted the access of the Skyliner versus having to ride the bus everywhere. It just seems to be a magical way to start and end the day. So when Riviera was presented, my heart went there.

So maybe I am just being too picky then… :slight_smile:

You can still ride the Skyliner!!! I was at Kidani in February but used the Skyliner for fun at Epcot and HS

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Make sure it is a 2 bedroom savanna view if you take it!!!


I guess we could plan in a “skyliner excursion” one day.

And from the tone of the call today, I have a feeling I won’t get to choose which view I get at any resort! But I will try if that is my only resort option.

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It will most likely be std view. I was at poly lagoon view, and they would only give 2bd std view at kidani.

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I would assume standard view, but you can request certain rooms with the room finder that have partial views. Also, with occupancy so low, there is a decent chance you will get upgraded, though no guarantee and I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

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I would NOT scoff at a 2BR at Kidani. Tell them to make it a savanna view and it’s a deal


You sound like the kind of person who can get a refund from an airline. Can you call for me next time? :joy:


Push hard, but honestly you can also get plenty of savanna viewing from the common spaces. I just like to sit on my veranda in the morning with coffee and evening with wine to love the view. But I would even take a standard view if I could treat my family to a 2 bedroom at Kidani at AoA prices


:joy::joy:Only you or your agent can call for stuff like that

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Thanks for all the input. We ended up getting a 1 Bedroom Villa at the Riviera! Disney came through in a big way.

Our 30 day countdown begins today!


Awesome update! Congrats!

I wonder what that downer CM was talking about? Good thing you persisted!

Glad it worked out! Maybe a lesson for the future to have discussed alternatives in advance so you don’t have to risk calling back and getting different answers - in this case we know what is open, so a priority list of whee you’d like to be when you’re offered alternatives.

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In hindsight, I wish I would have done that! But at the same time, I had no idea what options were available. I guess I could have had some direction, so lesson learned!

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I did gently remind them that the email I received said “options” not “option.” :laughing: