Resort availability

Can anyone help me …I was just wondering…I have some friends that are planning a trip second week in December and they really wanted to stay at The Beach Club but they have no rooms. Is it possible that they hold rooms and release more later? Or should I tell my friends to book elsewhere and check back at the 45 day mark to see if anything has come up with that being a time when final payments are due.

Did you check all the discount places: orbitz, MVT? Did they check YC?

Nope - WDW is all about the Benjamins. They would not avoid selling a room now. As @PrincipalTinker says, they may find rooms at one of the agents that buys in block and resells. Otherwise, book now and keep looking for cancellations.

Thank you so much…Can you give me a idea of any sites that buy in block, so I can check those for them. is a good one. Promo code is SUMMERTIME to save an additonal 15%. also has many great rates. You would need to request a quote on the website.

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Cancellations have to be at least 5 days before, so nearing that time, they could look again. Also, as someone said, Yacht Club is right next to Beach Club and they share the same pool area. If that’s not important, but location is, then there’s also Boardwalk.

Also try Trivago and

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