Resort Arrival Dining Rec

We’re going on a multi-gen family trip to Universal and WDW. For Universal, we’re doing 2 nights at LRP and one park day. I had everything planned and now my brother’s family decided to join us at Universal (they were originally just meeting us at WDW). They have 4 kids so now the group dynamic is changing and I am wondering if I should revise my plans.

We arrive at MCO at 2 PM. I have reservations for Toothsome at 6 PM that I successfully changes to 15 (10+5). Now that we’re so kid-heavy, I think the kids aren’t going to want to leave the resort to get dinner. Is there a good resort dining option at LRP? I think the kids are just going to want to be at the pool. I know the pool at LRP doesn’t have a slide but it does have a kids play area. Should we head to a better pool and/or resort dining option?

The kids are 9,9,8,7,7,4 and 3. I’m probably over-thinking this. Planning for this many people is stressful!

I’d stick with your plans. RP restaurants are so-so. The kids will LOVE Toothsome.

Tell them it’s time for a boat ride.

That may be a little too much commotion for a big group on arrival day.


Royal Pacific is so close to CityWalk it’s insane, it’s barely a 10-minute walk to Toothsome from the hotel pool.


Oh, I hadn’t thought about the water taxi option! Should we get off at CityWalk or HRH? It looks like Toothsome is closer the HRH.

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Yes, CityWalk drop off is closer even though Toothsome is across the water.

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The water taxis are direct, not a loop like at Cresent Lake.