Resort Advice

I may be crazy but I am working on a June trip (yes in 2 months) for a big family vacation to celebrate my niece’s graduation. There will be 6 adults plus my niece, 17, and DS6 and DS2. In researching hotels - I came across three options - none of which I have stayed at. It is a total of 9 people but since DS2 is still in a crib - he doesn’t really count.

Both my sisters who will be on the trip received pin codes from Disney. (But not me - I guess because I go too much. No rewarding of loyalty). It is 30% off plus a free hopper added to five day tickets. We were thinking about five nights.

I guess what we are looking for is enough room for everyone. We don’t spend too much time at the resort but will probably have a couple of afternoons at the pool.

  1. Saratoga Springs - 2 bedrooms. We could book this directly through Disney with the pin.

  2. Two rooms at the Yacht Club. We could book this directly through Disney - it would be about $400 more that Saratoga Springs.

  3. Two rooms at the Polynesian. There aren’t any rooms left for our dates through Disney but we can get it through Orbitz. This is about $600 more. BUT I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian.

Bonus Choice - two rooms at POR. It is about the same money as Saratoga. Would it be more comfortable to have the two rooms or the one big villa??

I keep going around and around - also no one in the group seems to want to make a decision. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If you are looking at SSR, you should check out renting DVC points, particularly direct from owner. You may be able to save quite a bit more than the 30% pin discount.

What are your main things that you’re hoping to do on the vacation? Do you want to eat breakfast in the room or do you plan to eat all your meals out?

Poly rooms are so big and beautiful! The only resort you mention that I have not stayed at is SS. I really don’t think you can go wrong and I must say I love POR as well. You would need to stay in Alligator Bayou? I prefer the mansions, but others prefer alligator bayou.

Thanks for the replies! We booked Saratoga Springs. The Poly rooms (with the Orbitz discount) didn’t end up quite lining up with our dates.

I just hope that Disney Springs construction doesn’t make for too much traffic around Saratoga Springs . But, It will be nice to all be in one space and it is nice to have a countdown!