Resort activities?

So on our upcoming trip, my DD16 and I are having breakfast at 1900 PF, and then we have pedicures scheduled at Senses at 1. Our breakfast res is for 10:15. That will be our MK day, and the park hours have EMH from 9p-11p, so I don’t mind the very late start to the day at the park as we’ll be able to get in a full 8 hours after Senses. My question is: what can we do at GF to kind of kill time until our appt at 1? I expect that we’ll have about 90 minutes. I know technically we could go to MK for a while, but even on the monorail that seems like a hassle knowing we’d have to pop back over. What do y’all do when you resort hop?

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Stroll around the first floor of the GF lobby. there is beautiful tile work with the disney characters and cinderellas carriage in the carpet. If the pianist is playing i love to sit and listen. Talk with the teddy bear lady. You could rent a water boat and go out for a spin.

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There are some nice shops on the upper level circling the lobby.

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