Reserving Tours -- 180 + 10, or just 180?

We are doing a couple of tours during our upcoming Disney trip, and everywhere I look says that they can be reserved “180 days” in advance. Anyone know if that means 180 + 10 days for onsite guests (just like ADRs), or if it truly means 180 days pre-tour? Wondering if I have to wake up early extra days to do the tour reservations, or whether I can just call right after making my ADRs.

I can’t answer your question specifically, but I can say that I booked some tours/special events via phone well after the 180 day mark, it was even after all our FP+ were booked. I had no issues setting things up for the specific day I wanted (which was good, because again…didn’t think about it until after I’d come up with a touring plan and FP’s). I’d venture to say that waking up early to call would be more for your own peace of mind rather than out of necessity.

I believe it’s just like the ADR’s. At my 180 day mark I called and reserved the Keys to the Kingdom tour, and we did that tour towards the end of our trip. They just verified that we were staying onsite.

Thanks, @iso_amalia – that’s what I was hoping was the case.

And yes, @Acornucopiaoflove, I do realize that I’m probably doing this for my own peace of mind more than because somehow I wouldn’t be able to get the timeslot I want if I waited a week . . . but for I’d rather have it done and over with so I don’t have to worry about it!

I’ve booked tours well within 180 days of arrival with no issues.


  1. if you pay with a Disney credit card you get a discount on the cost of the tour
  2. double check me, but I believe even at 180 days out you still pay at the time of booking.

I totally get that! Part of the reason I booked late was because I was discovering tours etc after the 180 days. You can bet that if I had known about it I would have done it early, too! The only bad part is I’m running out of things to plan haha

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I’m sort of in the opposite boat re: booking early – we’ve always booked “last-minute” (in disney terms, at least) trips before (i.e., booking at 80-ish days out), so I’m sort of driving myself crazy having too much time to plan this trip! I’ve literally never been able to book ADRs at 180 days before, rather than trying to grab what we can and relying on the res finder, etc. It’s a very different experience to have plans ready and just be waiting on Disney to allow me to book things, for sure!