Reserving Dining Packages

Looking ahead to March trip: Seriously considering Fantasmic dining package with Brown Derby. How does this work with ADR? Does ADR allow a person to indicate they want the package for that restaurant? Do I call separately for that specific meal?

You can book online (computer) but you must search for the dining package, then pick the restaurant and time. It is separate from dining at that restaurant for a regular ADR. You can call too. Sometimes the packages open at day 180- sometimes later.

1 Like you need to book via this page

They said it above, but I will just add in another wrinkle. Even if the package has not opened up quite yet, you still have to wait for it. They cannot add it to an already existing ADR. For instance, you can’t book an ADR at HBD for that day and then have the package added, you would have to cancel the ADR, and book the package separately. I tried to book an ADR as a “placeholder” before, and it didn’t work.

It worked for me recently, I had a H&V ADR, when Fantasmic came out the time I wanted wasn’t available so I booked a different one. I then cancelled my old H&V ADR, went back in and found Fantasmic for the time I’d just cancelled.

Thanks for the link!

I think the point is that you had to rebook as a F! package. You can’t call and ask for it to be added to a standard ADR, you have to book the package and cancel the normal ADR, even if it may be at exactly the same time.

Yes I did, but by having the ADR I kept that time slot available. I know someone who called and had it added on, I assume they cancelled the old one first, put a hold on it, and re booked as Fantasmic.