"Reserved Times"

Anyone else notice while making reservations yesterday that there really were no “reserved times” to arrive to the parks, it was the time it opens haha.

I see HS piling right back up at rope drop time for people to take off running to RotR since there will be no virtual ques when they reopen.

I had forgot about that reported rumor aspect of reservations. Hmm… wonder if it was ever a real thing? Hours are already lowered. Didn’t understand how WDW could the expect ppl to still pay full price to enter 90 mins or later after rope drop.

What I had read on another board is that WDW was never going to use it but DL might. Appears that was true

ahh, was just thinking out loud

I’m still holding out hope for my DLR trip in Sept. However, DW just last night said, for the first time, she is unsure about going.

Fewer hours / “timed” entry, like “afternoon”, is definitely one of my deal breakers. I can wear masks, forgo fireworks & even miss out on meeting Mickey this time. (I really just want rides & food anyway - although I will miss those other things!)