Reserve Orlando Ticket Warning

I usually go through Boardwalk Ticketing from Touring Plans but they had Reserve Orlando for a bit cheaper so I went through them.

Be warned: You do not get a link code until 30 days prior to your arrival date even if you are staying onsite!

I called them and they are supposed requesting a link code for Disney so I can get my 60 FP perk.

I’m. So. Mad.

A warning would have been nice before purchasing.

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Can you cancel? Do you have the right to cancel within x no. of days (7 or 14) for online purchases over in the US?

I’m on the phone with Disney right now with their ticket department.

The young man hadn’t even heard of them and the number I gave him was totally unfamiliar. He’s talking to his boss.

If I can’t get it straightened out, I will try to cancel.

What kind of tickets did you buy? I just went through the calculator and I cannot get that company to come up? Are they park hoppers?

6 day base. The ticket was for 5 days +1 free.

Disney couldn’t help me so I just went ahead and asked for a refund.

@lifewithjayne I’ve emailed you asking for some details. LMK if you don’t see that email, please. Happy to talk to ReserveOrlando about this.