Reserve Direct?

Has anyone purchased park tickets from Reserve Direct? Ticket calculator shows them to be the cheapest for our tickets. I have never used them before. I have used UT and Parksavers.

The representative that I just spoke with from Reserve Direct told me that every time I book a FP, I have to enter my Reserve Direct FP code. I asked her if once the tickets are in MDE, don’t I just book FP’s as usual? She said I would have to enter my code for each FP. She also said I have to present the voucher when I enter the parks. Does this sound right? I’m not sure she gave me the right information. Anyone have experience with Reserve Direct?

Honestly that sounds very strange. If you have a confirmation number for a ticket, it would work as you say - enter into MDE and select fastpasses. Why would you need to voucher? What that sounds like is that they don’t make it compatible with MDE and that it’s a will-call situation where you don’t get your real tickets until you enter the parks - which would make planning terrible.

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Did you confirm their prices are cheaper when you factor taxes in? UT always lists prices with taxes included, but I don’t think anyone else does. So you might THINK you are getting cheaper prices elsewhere when you aren’t, actually.

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Agreed with this.

How much are you saving? If it’s only a few bucks, it might be worth splurging just to avoid headaches.

I have never used Reserve Direct (we’re AP holders so that doesn’t mean they’re not perfectly legit) but I will say that there is no Disney ticket which makes you input a code each time you want to book a Fastpass. Fastpass booking unlocks when you associate a valid park ticket to your account, no matter what type of ticket it is.

Sounds like the rep has absolutely no clue what they’re on about.

Agreed. I think what they MEAN is that it comes with a code you can enter into My Disney Experience in general, which ultimately gives you access to reserving Fast Passes. But that is true of tickets from UT as well, etc.

That’s kind of what I thought. I have purchased from both UT and Parksavers in the past. TP Ticket calculator says Reserve Direct is cheapest (only a few dollars lower than UT though.) I vaguely remember a discussion from a few years ago that some of the ticket vendors require you to present a voucher at the gate, and some don’t. @PrincipalTinker, do you remember? I don’t think I had to present a voucher with my UT tickets.

Is there any reason I should opt for the mailed ticket rather than the e-ticket from UT? It looks like you can link both to MDE. @PrincipalTinker , I seem to remember you having a problem with this in the past, and your hard copy ticket saved you?

This is true. UT sends actual tickets.

Always have bought through Disney because I don’t want to risk getting ripped off. How much money do you really save?

If you type your info into the TP ticket calculator, it will tell you the savings. For me, almost $400 on the 5-day ticket. Here is the link:

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Depends on how many days and people. For us, with 6 or 7 people, it adds up. So, for example, a 6-day ticket starting May 12 this year would cost us $469 through Disney. Same ticket from UT costs us $415. That’s $54/ticket savings. For 6 of us, that’s $324.

I’ve used UT for tickets several times. Highly recommend them.

ETA: In light of @poohfanclub’s last comment below this one, the Disney price listed above is from their website, NOT the gate price. So the savings is real.


I should add that this savings is compared to the WDW Gate price. The online price for tickets would be less, yielding less savings.

I’m not @PrincipalTinker, but I have only ever done UT E-tix and never had a problem. I do print the e-ticket and take it with me, just in case

If you do the mailed you can get a refund (minus a small percentage) if you don’t link with MDE. Once you link with MDE it’s non-refundable (so you can wait until just before your 60 day FP time). If you do the e-ticket, it’s non-refundable.

I honestly think the person answering your questions does not understand how Disney’s FP work. All companies in the ticket calculator are vetted by Touring Plans so I am confident that it is a safe company but I don’t think TP checks the FP process.

As long as it is an ETicket you should be fine.


@poohfanclub Did you end up pruchasing through RD? TP also shows they save me the most money but I want to make sure I can link the ticket to MDE and reserve FPP.

I am sorry @Ariel79 but I have not purchased my park tickets yet. My family keeps changing their minds about how many days in WDW vs. Universal, and I am afraid to pull the trigger with the new dated tickets! If/when I do, I will let you know. Will you do likewise?

@poohfanclub I ended up purchasing them through The price was pretty much the same.