sorry if this has been asked before…i am so new to all of this
How many reservations for meals do you typically make. we are a family of 4 with children that are 6 and 4. i was thinking we would only do one sit down meal a day but there are so many restaurants, especially character meals, that sound great. would it be to much to have day where we do two sit down meals, like a breakfast and a dinner, in the same day?

Totally depends on your style (and budget). Sit-down meals do have some advantages, especially with younger kids - it’s an enforced break in air conditioning, first and foremost, which will minimize your needs for other downtime.

Also, if you’re doing character meals, than can reduce some standing in lines for meet & greets in the park saving you both time and the general tiring that standing in lines incurs.

If you’re not big eaters, I’d suggest ordering lighter meals or sharing at the non-buffet style meals. That will help with cost as well as bloating. :slight_smile:

You could do two a day if you wanted but is this your first trip? A lot of character meals are at resorts and you should take some time to plan how much time you want to spend tarveling. Do you have a car? Are you will to take a taxi? A 7:30 reservation at Chef Mcikey’s, 1900 PF, or 'Ohana can be a nice way to start the day at MK. Cape May at the same time can work well with Epcot.

If you do that then I would only plan on a snack before your dinner buffets. All you can eat buffets are a great way to meet all the characters and eat a big meal. The food is usually good- but many other restaurants have much better food.

Any table service restaurant will take time. Will you also want to go back to the resort for a break/nap swin every afternoon ? Will 2-3 hours in restaurants give you enough time in the parks?

We just came back from our first trip with our four year old. We did two sit down meals on our last day and it was too much - both in terms of food and getting our little Miss to stay still. All our other days we had one sit down and then either a quick service or light meal and this worked best.

We also try to stick with just one TS meal per day. It’s easier for scheduling, and like other posters have said, it’s too much food and too much sitting,etc, to do more. My kids also like to to be a little spontaneous. If I have more than one TS, I end up feeling like I’m just running from reservation to reservations. There are so many great choices, it is hard to choose. That’s one reason we keep
Going back!

Last time, we stuck with in-park restaurants so that helped narrow it down and helped with transportation time. We loved GG at Epcot, BoG, and TH and yak and yetis at AK. My girls especially loved akershus. CP was also good but the mid morning wait to be seated was long and out in the sun. Got sick after eating at H&V at lunch. In the past we have also loved 1900 park fare, cape may, Sanaa.

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Wow thanks so much for all the advice. I’m going to stick to my gut and do one a day!! Now to narrow down the list! /awspoede Any reason I didn’t see cinderellas royal table on your list?? This is our first Disney trip and also our first family vacation so I’m super excited

I didn’t put the character meals that are in the park on my list since they are not so complicated to plan!

We’ve never been to CRT! Akershus always seemed like a better value to us, but I think we are going to try it during our November trip.