Reservations to Sanaa while at AK, is it worth the travel timewise?

Hello Disney Peeps!

We are visiting Disney during the first week of October! We are so excited!
Anyway, I booked an afternoon reservation at Sanaa, while we are at AK.
The crowd calendar is a 3 for AK on this particular day.
Will traveling to the resort, from AK to Sanaa for lunch and then back to AK, cut into our visit to the park?
We want to be able to visit as many attractions as we can.
They close at 7PM, on that day.

Thank you!


Between travel and serving time, it probably will cut into your time at AK park. But the Sanaa restaurant can be a real treat as well. Depends on your priorities for your visit. I posted some remarks about Sanaa in my “senior citizens” trip report earlier in June. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

I too enjoy Sanaa. Most likely the hours will be extended before your visit.

Assuming that the alternate is having a TS meal in AK, going to Sanaa would add 20-40 min to the dining time, depending on how long you have to wait for buses. “Worth” is a very subjective word, but I would do it… I haven’t had the chance to eat at Tiffins yet, but Sanaa is way better than any of the other AK TS restaurants…

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The ride is just minutes from AK to AKL. Well worth your time to enjoy Sanaa. Take some time before or after to look around the resorts and view the animals from the Savanna. Then, book a stay :wink:

PS Get the Bread Service with all the breads and all the accompaniments. That and dessert will do you just fine.