Reservations now available for Annual Pass holder SWGE preview August 17 to August 21

Only Five days available

Keep watching the emails!

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The suspense is killing me. :sweat:
I booked 8/19-8/26 specifically with the hope of grabbing an AP preview, but the window is a lot narrower than I was expecting. :grimacing:

it says a Active pass is required, (seems obvious), but I will not be able to activate my pass until I go on Aug 18th. Can I activate it early to get a shot at a preview?

OK, just got off the phone with passholder services and the dude basically said I’m S.O.L. Its pretty annoying since I purchased this pass before any announcement about the previews and was pretty excited my trip happened to coincide with the possible,and now actual, dates of them. I’m trying to rationalize the reasons for this crappy loophole I fell through, and i guess it prevents out of towners like myself that just happen to be in the neighborhood to swarm the park with newly minted APs. Still ticks me off though

There has been a lot of talk about this on another forum’s thread about the AP previews and the prevelant thought is that Disney has always said that Active pass is required yet they never enforce it (you can book hotels and hard ticketed events and get the discount even if you don’t have an active pass). So the collective recommendation is to still try to book it -the chances that Disney’s IT is good enough to tell whether you are active or not is the big question. Obviously to get into the event it will have to be activated.

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Damn, going to miss it by a week!

I hear you on the IT, but I’m assuming I won’t get an email. Are you thinking if I get the link from somewhere I may still be able to register?

Yes, there is another forum that we have all been watching since they first announced the AP previews, they will post the link there so if you don’t get the emails (like many don’t) then you still have a fighting chance! It is a bit hard to keep up with as there are over 4000 posts - it is a dedicated/obsessed group lol

Edited to Add: when I say we have all been watching, I am referring to the people in that group. It is more active than any of the posts here about SWGE

I’ll post as soon as I see anything, promise!

And yes to the question about being able to register without an email. At least, precedence is that you can register with a link or from the passholder page. They’ve never yet restricted it to those who get the email.

Remember though, it is only for Platinum APs. And any guest needs to have one too, be linked on family and friends and have “share my plans” ticked.

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I just want to know how this is going to affect my late start HS day on 8/21. We skipped HS all together last trip ( I haven’t been since it was MGM, actually, and it didn’t leave a lasting impression). I guess since we only have a short day planned there already, it won’t kill us to bail early if we want to.

The passholder page is now showing this message:



Thank you for the update.

Is today going to be the day?

Let me consult my crystal ball … :wink:

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Over on the DIS, several people were actually able to book.

But lots of others getting error messages on various screens.

Advice seems to be not to stay on the page but keep refreshing until you get a number in the queue.

But it’s go time!

It’s live - I just got in and got a reservation and a confirmation.

I’ve got nothing! Trying for two hours.

Anyone actually get an email?

Try this

A lot of people have had success with that

Some have also had to log out, clear cookies, then open MDE, then try the link

Also this is another way in that will ask you to sign in and then asks for your AP number: