Reservations needed for solo?

I’ll be traveling solo in August and wondering what, if any, popular restaurants a solo diner can walk up to. I’ve seen mention that many have counter service for solos, but don’t see a listing. O’Hana would be an example as it is impossible to make a reservation for one. Thanks for any thoughts!

I don’t know about walk up - but for some of my ADRs I booked as 2 - then modified to one afterwards. I basically just tried for both one and two and took whatever was available closest to the time I wanted. I did them 180 days out though, and most of the popular places do fill up fast

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It’s very hit or miss; in August, because of the crowds, I’m guessing more miss. I’ve been able to get walk-ups at VN, R&C, and Marrakesh, but none of the other WS TSs. You can walk up to bars at TSs and frequently order off of the menu (I’ve done this at Tune In and Y&Y). But dining is an important part of a WDW trip for me, so I typically make my ADRs either at the 180 or as sson as I know I’m going.

Being a single wont help with walk up at most places. Biergarten or Teppan Edo may be able to fit one in, as they have large communal tables.

Better choice may be Bars/Lounges with full menu from the the connected restaurant. My favorite is Tune In Lounge, at Fifties Prime Time.

I would advise that you make reservations for anything that takes reservations. It makes things waaaaay less stressful.

Just make a reservation for 2 :slight_smile:

Some locations you could eat at the bar or in the lounge as most serve the full menu. 'Ohana would not be one of them because of the style of service it is (And also Tambu is closing for a refurb soon)

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'Ohana is one that will never find anything for a solo because of a glitch in the system. (It’s not the fact that it’s family style because Garden Grill, Liberty Tree, and Whispering Canyon (at least) all are or have family style options and I’ve found ADRs for 1 for them.)

You will be seated at a 2-top (at least) anyway. And as long as you show up, you are not charged a fee for less than the ADR number showing up.

I meant one wouldn’t eat at the bar in this location, not that the style of meal prevents a booking for 1.

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No, I know that.

I meant exactly for the “Book for 2.” thing.

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The lounges with food menus can be a great no-ADR option for solo travelers. All of the deluxe resorts have at least one, and most have really good menus.

In the parks…
Hollywood Brown Derby lounge (outside)
Tune-in lounge serves 50s Prime Time food
Nomad lounge at Tiffins
Tutto Gusto in Epcot lets you order off the Tutto Italia menu

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That’s interesting b/c we were told no and given a specific Tutto Gusto small plate menu when we were there in May.

Sorry! I didn’t mean to give out inaccurate information. Maybe it’s changed.

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Actually I think you’re both right. I’m pretty sure that there was a period of time when you could order off of the TI menu at TG. I think I read/heard somewhere that word got out and TG became so swamped that they went back to the original small plates only.

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