Reservations for Savi's and Droid Depot

I have been trying to get reservations for both Savi’s and for the Droid Depot. We are planning a full SWGE day on June 1, so I know I am past my 180 day mark. However, the past couple of days after maneuvering to the June calendar, June 1 has been grayed-out. Today, I check again, and it is literally crossed out.
We are staying at CBR, we have a check-in day of May 27, so I was assuming I am still able to use the 180 day reservation period.
Am I missing a step? Am I wrong in my understanding of the reservations?

I’ve seen a lot of crossed out days saying unavailable and I take it to mean there are no time slots open for that day. I would keep checking

Darn, I was hoping I would catch something at our 180 day mark.

I got droid bookings no problem at way less than 180 days. Over the 3 months leading up to our trip next week I’ve been able to make & cancel several different times until I got my optimal schedule. And that’s for December! I think you’ll be fine. If there’s nothing at 180, just check periodically. I found they added availability every couple of weeks, because suddenly there would be multiple time slots available on a day that was booked solid previously.

I would suspect bookings just aren’t open yet. It was definitely under 180 when they opened for my dates in late Feb - I was checking every day and getting really frustrated.

I booked 3 spots for 5/31 on Monday. 180+1. I didn’t have any issue getting it and it was open before 6am to book.

Thanks!! I’ll keep checking and see what I can find when there are openings!