Reservations for MK Dessert Party Treats & Seats

I am trying to make reservations for May 22-28. But no availability.
Does Touring Plans have a Reservation Finder for this?

It does not. As of the weekend those dates were not loaded yet. Did they get loaded this week?

Been trying to 14th -24 any of the dessert parties and nothing

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Ok, thank you!
The dates are blue now but still don’t show any availability for dessert parties.

It is open!

Same here- all dates still blue except the 15th

What dates are you looking for?

14th through 21st

Have been trying since the 60 day mark

Every date accept the 15th is blue

No availability at pre, post or seated…

May 15? MK closes at 4:30 that day for a CM event.

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They seemed to open from June 2-9th

Yes a lot of the dates are blue but comes back with buzz not available
I have been trying for mid May since my 60 day opened
Got Olga’s, steakhouse 71 nothing on any of the dessert parties

No, people booked June 2-9 today.

It was been confirmed that dates are available to book in June but it seems like they skipped (forgot?) May dates.

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Hopefully - something will open up.

I continue to check daily.

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When there is an exception (for example the early closure) it sometimes causes them issues.

Try now?! I am hearing May is open.

It might only be the before/after party right now?

Lol not even sure which one I got but got it

Thank you so much-

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lol we are driving from NYC home to Nashville I didn’t even look which one just dates

I checked this morning and nothing…

Its treats and seats - perfect as we will be doing the extended evening hours @ MK after

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So with Enchantment at 9, when do we need to show up for our Treats & Seats?
And where do we go again?

(Sorry. I think I asked this before but now can’t find the answer.)