Reservations for 2024 now open! no, frozen. Wait, open!

This will be a while, won’t it?

I was able to access the site at about 5:45 and actually saw prices and availability, but booking was blocked.


I’ve never tried booking on release date so I’d love to hear how these usually go. Does the queue actually work? Will it be hours or days? What is the meaning of life?


Ha! I’m messing with this too, toying with booking, mostly curious to see how it works.

Same thing happened to me at midnight. Prices and availability showing, but no booking. I’m almost in orbit on 2 devices right now. I got in the queue right at 6 on one, but then it said I lost my connection :frowning:

I got in queue at 5:45 - I think that was close to when it started because right before that I could view availability

Yeah I’ve got the same thing

Unless you’re going for something really difficult, I wouldn’t waste a lot of time over it this morning

I’m giving it a go but I don’t have anything critical and won’t hang for long - just while I have my coffee - and then I’ll abandon ship until this evening.


I don’t recall having a queue before, but these things typically go the same/as well as any other opening day. Which is to say the system will crash any time now and will stay down for a while. And you’ll have to start your wait all over again anyway.

It’s never good.

This Recalculating wait time could even be the crashed state.


I’m on my way to cataract surgery for my mom, so I’ll be in 2 waiting rooms all morning! :joy:

There aren’t many of the rooms we choose (suites for large groups), so I’ll keep hanging in this morning.

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Yea same here - looking for a very specific 1br that is almost always sold out


It just updated for me and now says wait time is more than an hour

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Finally went from Recalculating to More Than an Hour.

I am at 29 minutes.

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System paused :roll_eyes:

My 5:45 queue spot got me in at exactly 7am!

Queue seemed to actually work as it should, except that it went from 15 minutes to 1 minute in just a couple of minutes

I got eveything I wanted for now :star_struck:


Yeah this should be my turn but it is paused now…

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I had left the queue open on my phone at 6am, my turn for that one came at around 7:20

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Yeah, I was a little ahead of you, but when I went to close out my navigation app, I accidentally closed my browser :sob:. So I restarted that one at 7.

I was at 55 minutes on my mom’s phone when it paused. Started that one at just after 6.

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All ears posted the prices on their site in case others are wondering:

Disney has shared that the Quick Service Dining Plan will cost $57.01 per adult, per day and $23.83 per child (ages 3 to 9) per day.

And, the standard Disney Dining Plan will cost $94.28 per adult, per day and $29.69 per child (ages 3 to 9) per day.


that is a MASSIVE increase from 2019’s $75.49/day for adults if that’s true. None of the others got that massive increase though so I’m not sure I want to believe that one just yet?

Edit: in 2020, it increased to $55/day for the QS and 78.01 for the standard

Based upon our theoretical January 2020 Walt Disney World travel dates, adult per night pricing for the plans is as follows: $55 for the Quick-Service Plan; $78.01 for the standard Disney Dining Plan; $119 for the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan.

And it looks like the kids prices actually went down from 2020?

Kids pricing is $26 for the Quick Service Disney Dining Plan, $30.51 for the standard plan, and $47.50 for the Deluxe DDP. Keep in mind that the Disney Dining Plan is subject to peak season surcharges, so if you’re traveling during a holiday, you can expect to pay more.

Yes it is… that would mean we would be looking at $3k for just the dining plan for a 7 night vacation for my family of 5.