Reservations and Touring Plans

Is there a way to optimize a touring plan while having it respect dining reservation times? Everytime I optimimze, it puts my meals at times at times for which we do not have ADRs

It asks you for flexibility if you hit edit. Make sure it says 10 minutes. Otherwise, use it was a guide to build your own plan and evaluate.

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Even when I set the flexibility to 10 minutes, TP sometimes puts them 45 minutes or more past my ADR times. I’ve found 2 options for dealing with it. First is to accept that I’m trying to fit in too many things and remove a few. Then I optimize again. Second is to drag the dining reservation to where it needs to go then hit Evaluate instead of Optimize.

Evaluate is your best option. Most of us here run our plan through with optimize then tweak it to our liking with evaluate.

If it is actually doing that, then there is something going wrong. E-mail describing the problem and including the plan URL - they will sort it out.


And I, just found, that at the bottom of the page are the old plans, if you mess up and hit optimize by mistake. Can’t tell you how many times I rebuilt my plan. :roll_eyes:

This is a new feature, just released about a week ago.

Well I approve! :+1::+1: