Reservation System Sneak Peek

It’s obviously not official, but vlogger Fresh Baked has gotten screen shots of the resrevation new system w/ minor details.

If you’re like me & want ANY updates, this is at least something to hold us over for now


This is fascinating! Have you posted in the WDW forum? It is probably a similar system as will be used there, as he notes in the video.

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I didn’t want to double post. (My forum settings are “latest” at the top). If you think it needs it there too, feel free to do so! :wink:

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I’m sure it will be similar. But hopefully not the same.

For example, he mentioned in the video the inability to schedule more than 2 days…which kind of makes sense for DL/DCA. But not at WDW, where people have resort stays that can last 4, 5, 8, 10, etc., days. It doesn’t make sense for Disney to limit on-site guests to only be able to pick 2 days at a time, and then are unsure if they will even be able to get the parks they want after that when they are spending a boatload of money to stay on property already.

So, I expect the differences will show up then more.

Also…why only be able to book for 4 people? We have a party of 7, for example, and 5 of us are DIRECTLY vacationing together as family. (My DS and DDIL are planning to spend MOST of the time with us, but technically they are having their own trip.)

The differences, then, between how people travel for DL versus WDW will, I’m sure, show up in this system once it is rolled out.

The fact that the screen shots are being leaked how suggests that Disney is planning the roll-out very very soon. I’m fairly sure that Disney “allows” the leaks to happen.


I felt like today would be the day.

Maybe tonight?

One can only hope!


Yeah I hope that was just for coding purposes and they will up that to an amount that will allow parties to travel together. Otherwise they’re going to have a lot of people on the phone asking for a CM to add someone to their party.

I really wonder about the two days even for DLR and DCA. If you are coming from out of town (lots of guests are local, I know) and have a 4 day ticket, you should be able to book all four days … my opinion. The two days is definitely a Flex Pass thing so maybe they will change that so you can book all the days on your ticket.


It may be that the ticket holder and APs were all 2-day or Flex pass in his example. It makes sense to me that you should be able to reserve the number of days you have on your ticket!


He says this system is only for people who only have tickets/passholders, not for people are staying at the resort.

This may be an indication that people who are staying at the resort will get preference with their dates.