Reservation Swap

I’m considering a DL trip for early December and would love to use my points. Unfortunately, they are AKL points and I don’t think there will be availability at 7 months. However, my husband’s uncle has GCV points that he rarely uses. How risky would it be to have him book a room using his points, then, once we’re within the window, try to time him cancelling and then me booking it.

We can’t just swap points because some of mine are banked (which I believe means they can’t be transferred).

I’m open to any other hacks anyone can think of! Thanks!

Can you book a reservation for him with your points or rent out your points and pay him?

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Banked points cannot be transferred. I would do as @pt suggested.

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I’m so mad at myself for banking!

I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to be in charge of each other’s reservations, but it looks like that might be best.