Reservation question

If I am an AP member and want to use the AP room reservation discount through Disney’s site, but want to bring my wife and two kids with me on the trip, is it possible to buy their tickets from a 3rd party and then link those 3rd party tickets to the reservation and include them on any Fast Pass reservations at the 60-day mark?

On my previous trip I was not an AP holder and just booked packages through Disney with tickets, dining plan, etc. I realize I can’t do the dining plan if booking this way, but was just curious how it works with the 3rd party tickets + a room only reservation? When I book the room, is it going to ask me who will be staying in the room and then I can just add the tickets later through MDE?

Yes, as an AP holder you can book the room only reservation. You can list anyone out want on the reservation ( as long as you stay within the total,allowed for the room). If you want, you could also add the dining plan for everyone in the room ( that makes it a package). You can then buy discounted tickets for everyone.

But can the tickets come from a 3rd party?

Was hoping to use the TouringPlans calculator to find the cheapest tickets rather than buying through Disney:

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Yes, discounted tickets would come from a 3rd party. I have always purchased from undercover Tourist but any company in the calculator is good.

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Thank you!