Reservation priority…

If you were planning to do tours like Keys to the Kingdom and Wild Africa Trek and also wanted to book O’hana and a few other dinner reservations…which would you try for first? I’ll be up and ready to go as soon as reservations open for me.

I kinda thought less people would do tours and more O’hana so try O’hana first? But there are less tour reservations available…make sense?

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Wild Africa Trek has more bookable times so I’d book that last of those 3 options. Would probably book Ohana first.

You can book tours at midnight ET.

That’s probably of little consolation if you’re wanting to book ADRs early morning. But for tours like KTTW I would strongly suggest you do that at midnight.


So, midnight on the 60 days before and that’s BEFORE ADRs open at 7 am ET?

Do you know when I can book droids, massages etc?

Or where on the WDW site I can find these times?

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ADRs open at 6am ET online.


They’re under Things to Do, something like Enchanted experiences…

Anything listed there can be booked online except where it states otherwise. I don’t think massages are on there.
And yes midnight before ADRs. You can book for length of stay too (up to 10 days).

If you’re in the UK you’ll need a vpn to access them on the US site.

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Thank you for the help…so all the extra experiences are midnight and ADRs 6am?

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