Reservation finder!

Hi- reservation finder worked!! It’s so awesome!! Just wondering is there a way to post or let someone know when I am dropping a reservation also?


Here is the best place, I think. Title a new thread with the dates you are dropping ADR’s.


I have got two notifications but by the time I get online to try for the reservation it is gone. I’m only taking about 5 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? When they find a reservation you go to Disney to look for it and book?

That has happened to me too.

What happens is the Res. finder searches only every 60 minutes. So if someone drops an ADR in between that time, someone else may get notified quicker and snag it. It’s all about timing…and luck!

I got a text message and went right on to check- it was still available but I’m sure it’s part luck!

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It can be really quick - not ROTR quick but if it is a popular place and a popular time, can be gone within the minute.

ETA when I use it, I do text alert and I save the restaurant page a link on the homescreen of my phone. As soon as I get the text, I click the homescreen button. On my phone that tends to be a bit faster.


The res finder isn’t done on a regular schedule, since the searches are being done by people.

However the text or email will go out to everyone who is looking for that reservations. So if you want CRT @7pm, there might be 7 people getting that notification. And the link will only work for the first person.

I always go in to MDE and search myself when I get an email alert. Often it worked and I found one.

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Hmmm, I assumed it was automatic because the time displayed of the last search seemed to be around once an hour. Good to know!

This is important to know! The first person might not want the reservation that’s been found so it’s always worth going directly to MDE yourself.

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