Reservation finder win

I don’t think I’ll ever worry again about ADRs. I’ve pretty much completely trashed my original plan, but reservation finder was able to get me all the new days I wanted. I think I’m done changing our days around, or so I hope.


Congrats! What was the final ADR?

California Grill-at a reasonable time for dinner with a ten year old. The others (Flying Fish, Sana’a) I was able to change on my own. I had made a few BOG reservations because I’m still not sure if I want just lunch there or the PPO. I’m leaning towards leaving it as is and decided the night before. We’ll have lunch there our first park day. I’m excited because I’ve never been. It had just opened and was impossible when we took DD the first time and DH had no interest on our most recent trip.

I am wondering, suggestions? I don’t have dinner reservations for either Thursday or Friday night. Thursday is now going to be at MK. I’m not sure if we should do Skippers Canteen, which we’ve enjoyed in the past, or try something new.
Friday is our open day, so I think I’ll just see which park we’re in and what I can find day of.

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I would keep the BOG PPO just for the early access. It is perfectly fine members of your party to split food - the entrees are very generous with their platter of accompanying pastries.

I like using dinner as a way to take a very nearby break from the park at MK. There are so many delicious options at all price points.

We are doing Geyser Point this time at WL. My husband and I did Citrico’s last time at GF. I’ve heard great things about Trails End at FW, the Wave at Contemporary. Lots to choose from!

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If you try something new on your MK day - what are you thinking? Will you leave the park? ADR roulette sounds like fun on your open day?

I’m a bit tempted by Trail’s end. I’ve heard the vegan feasts that Chef TJ does are incredible. Citricos is high on the list as well. I’m planning on staying for the parade on Thursday. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have in us. Or if we’ll want to come back after dinner.
We’re staying at WL, so dinner at our “home” resort is possible too.

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Also, I’ve been hesitant about Trail’s End because their regular fare doesn’t sound like DH would like it much.

You could also grab something at Geyser Point or Territory Lounge if you didn’t eat somewhere else.


Geyser Point :heart:

Yes but the old Artist Point soup is at Territory Lounge…

Oh boy. Territory lounge for soup. Geyser for main course.


I may just steal that plan for February!


My only advice is I would over plan ADRs because getting them day of for even our hotel restaurant was impossible. Something to think about…

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