Reservation finder tool

I’m trying to find a pre park opening ADR for Garden Grill in July. The only available time right now is 8:25. I’m looking for the first one of the day, which I believe is 8 am. The reservation tool keep finding the 8:25 and I have to keep going in and restarting the search. Is it too early to be using the tool for July? I know reservation hoarders will keep reservations until closer to their trip when they finalize their plans. Any other advice?

It’s not too early, people change plans all the time. Take the 8.25 and keep looking for an earlier time with the reservation finder. They seat in order of arrival mainly anyway so you’ll still get in at 7.45 and will likely be seated not long after 8 even with an 8.25.


Yes, this. My reservation was at 8:20 last trip and we were seated at 8am, 2nd table seated. Epcot’s entrance system is weird and prolonged, so get there before 8 and you’ll be fine.


I have had an 8:30 ADR and been the first one seated. As said they seat according to arrival so the closer you are to the front of the line to tap in the quicker you get seated. The first family in gets to get a picture with all the characters.


Duly noted! That’s fabulous!

Go ahead and grab the 8:25 time, then restart the reservation finder asking for a time of, say, 7:15 am. It searches for anything one hour either way from the time you request. That way, it will notify you if anything opens up between 8:00 and 8:15.