Reservation finder tips

How do you guys manage to be quick enough to snag a reservation with reservation finder? I got a text last night but wasn’t quick enough to snag it. Boo!!! Any advice???

I go to MDE on my phone right from the link provided in the TP reservation text. I’m signed in on my phone automatically. I’ve only missed one reservation (well besides the text that came at 4 am) and the person who got it posted on lines chat that she was the one to get it so at least it went to another liner.


Link is a single click and it’s dead. That does not mean reservation is not available. Search in MDE right away if link is dead,.

Reservation Finder Link Problem?

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I also just kept my phone as glued to me as I could while I had a reservation finder pending. I would often get texts around 5:30/6:00 or 10:30 EST at night. The latter I normally missed but the former I was able to grab a few times by clicking on the text right away.

I always have done that too. Although sometimes, especially with BOG, I could be holding my phone when the text came through and still miss it! Sometimes it can take a few tries!

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Thank you!! I didn’t realize I could just click the link— that makes me feel kind of dumb!! I was also trying to long in online not going directly to MDE app. The main one I want is BOG so that explains a bit too. You guys are awesome!!!

I got a BOG lunch (at less than 30 days) almost immediately after text. Missed out on CRT because I couldn’t get to MDE for 15 minutes. It’s a crapshoot but a great tool to have.

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Keep trying. If I get a text I immediately use the app to try to book the reservation. I miss some but I continue to try and have always gotten all the reservations I wanted.