Reservation Finder Timing for Olgas

I’d like to put in a reservation finder for Olga’s for our upcoming trip in January. Should I put breakfast, lunch or dinner. Does it matter?


They have slightly different offerings during the three times. At least they used to - not sure if it’s still that way or not.

So your food offerings will be different. I would check out the menu to see what you might like best.

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I suggest leaving timing open ended, as well as a few dates. When a resi is found, take it. Then, modify to your preferred time/day. This worked for me for Ohana. I took a Tuesday resi when I wanted Thursday and was instantly able to modify it to Thursday, even though a direct search of Thursday showed no openings.

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If you don’t like drinking in the morning, I would put in Lunch or Dinner. My wife and I had a reservation for like 12:30 the week before Thanksgiving. We were able to rope drop SDD, ride Alien Swirling Saucers, ride Toy Story Mania with FP+, and SDD again. We then hit a Star Tours FP+ and tapped in over at Muppets to try and get more FP+. It worked pretty well as we rode a lot in the morning, grabbed quit lunch at ABC Commisary around 11:30, then checked out the land before getting a drink at Oga’s at 12:30.


Thank you @Katsup92 @rebecca.bey @Majik45!