Reservation Finder Text Alerts Not Working

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the reservation finder text alerts not working? I received an e-mail last night for one of my reservation searches, but I never received a text. I don’t check my e-mail very frequently, so unfortunately I missed it. I feel like this could be a big week for cancellations with my trip 30 days out.

I had that happen once. I went back in and checked my set up (it happened after I missed an alert and I was reactivating the search). After I saved again it worked. It may have been a coincidence but maybe something to try?

Got an e-mail alert this morning but no text. Luckily, 2 hours later, the reservation was still available.

Seems like it happened to multiple people. Did you email TP?

I did not e-mail TP yet. I will do that now.

Just incase . It only works for usa numbers in usa . Canada and rest of world cannot get text notifications due to the way it works.

This has happened to me with 4 notifications over the last 48 hours (emails but not text alerts). I missed one of them while holding my phone, because I get way too many emails and don’t check them often enough. I guess it’s time to turn on the sound notification for emails. . .

So I emailed Touring Plans and they said they would re-enter my phone number. I missed another one this afternoon (got an email and not a text). I know the system can work for me because I’ve received numerous texts successfully over the last couple of months.