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I have a search set up for breakfast but I want to only pre-rd times. The finder information says if you pick a time it will search for times within 60 minutes. My question is will it search for times for the entire hour before the time I pick as well as the entire hour after or is it just one side of the time or 30 minutes each side? Does this makes sense? Thanks for any help!

I think it’st he 30mins to either side of the time you mark.

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I don’t know how it happened, but I used the res finder for a TH dinner and I got three texts one right after another…a 4, 6, and 6:30 pm. I put down 6 as my optimal time. I missed the 6:30 but got the 6! Now if I can only score that pre-rd BOG!


Sometimes that does happen. I will get several texts in a row. Not entirely sure how that works, but glad you grabbed one!

I was wondering the same thing about the time search, this is my first time using it! Really hoping for a pre-RD BOG too!! Anyone know how many times per day it checks?

ok, I am horribly behind the times on this one.
Can anyone please please please give me a quick how to?

Hopefully I can explain this correctly…go to your TP dashboard, scroll down until you see the heading “dining” underneath “crowd tracker”. Click on WDW reservation finder. It will bring you to a TP page that gives really clear instructions on how to set up a reservation request(s). I usually mess this kind of thing up…but it was actually pretty easy! I hope this helps! Good luck!!

I’m not sure…I have been looking at the status of my reservations even though I know I will be notified if it changes…crazy, I know! But each time I have looked, it shows that a search was done just a few minutes beforehand…and I have done this multiple times. It seems like TP is right on it!:grinning:

muchas gracias @Hi_Ho!!! Playing around with it as we speak!!!

De nada! And have fun!! :grinning: