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So, I got notified of a BOG reservation I’m trying to get. The reservation was one hour later than I want. I’m searching for an 8am pre-rope drop, and got notified of a 9am opening. Question: should I snag the 9am, and keep the search going? I’m wondering if:

It’s better to snag it, and then try to change it to 8am.
If I snag it, and keep the search going, I get notified of an 8am that I want, it’ll be easier to modify my 9am to the newly opened 8am?

You can’t modify an existing reservation to a new time. It would be a new reservation. If there is at least one hour between it will let you book both, if less than an hour it will make you cancel your existing to book it. If you wouldn’t want to eat at the 9am time there would be no reason to book it.

Pre RD is getting more and more difficult at MK, because so often they will schedule a 9am opening and then in the weeks leading up to the actual date it gets moved to 8am and then people are scrambling to figure out a new plan.

I have been able to modify an existing ADR to a. Ew time but any earlier would be rare.

I would take the reservation and also keep trying to get an early one. You can modify an existing ADR, I’ve done it many times in trying to get an earlier or later dining time. I also have found that if you have an existing ADR, it is faster to modify it then try to get a new ADR.

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@seebee this is the same boat I was just in. I was so excited to snag an 8:20 BOG breakfast for our trip and then the MK opening time for that day was moved from 9am to 8am just as @Outer1 stated. And then of course by that time, there were no pre-opening times left for BOG or CP. I was pretty irritated/bummed, but after evaluating our plans more and getting 3 7DMT FPs for our trip, I decided that a super early BOG breakfast wasn’t as necessary to our particular plans…My kids do still want to eat there (and we’ve never done breakfast there) so I decided to sit tight and utilized the res finder tool. A few weeks ago I was able to snag a later 9:45 BOG breakfast and I’m so glad I did! We can enjoy rope drop IF we decide to get to the park at 8 which I don’t think we’ll want to, but if so, great. If not, we can get there 8:30-9, enjoy the first hour or so of lower crowds then stroll over to BOG breakfast at 9:45. You may want to consider keeping the later one, but you can still have a res finder set up for the earlier and see what happens, if you get it you’ll have options.

Tks for the replies.
I didn’t grab the 9am, it’s already gone now, anyway. It appears as tho 8am’s are getting routinely dropped a day or two before, so I’m not worried. If they changed opening time to 8am instead of 9am, I’d actually be thrilled. I’d just drop the reservation and do the rope drop, hoping for lesser crowds at rd at 8am than 9am. Getting in before rd would just be a cool experience, but rope drop might be cool as well. The date I’m eyeing is 11/4. You think they’d still change the hours between now and then? I have no idea what to expect as far as them changing hours. I’ve watched them switch around EMH for a few months. I don’t think they’ve tinkered with any hours in the past few weeks.

They changed them three days before our trip in 2014 lol. But yes check the day before. I had a terrible 4pm BoG dinner reservation our first trip and the night before I had my pick of times so we changed to a much more reasonable 6:30.

This seems to be a very common occurrence, which is why I do not put much stock in pre-RD ADRs. Also, when they move the opening 1 hour earlier, they do not make an additional hour of pre-RD ADRs available, so once this change happens there are effectively no pre-RD ADRs.

yes, I would go ahead and get the ADR and then modify it later if the new time becomes available. I think it is quicker that way for you when the new time comes up.

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