Reservation finder obviously wants me to take another trip

So I have ‘tentatively’ booked for the first week of December. I am going to upgrade to AP on my Sept trip. Which means an extra trip is like going for free! ummm well except for the hotel, flight & food LOL
Booked the room with MVT - very good price - for 4 nights ! and I tried to make a couple of ADRs. I always try to do BOG PPO, but there was nothing available - put it in Reservation finder and I just booked an 8am meal.
Clearly this means that I was meant to go! Right?
Haven’t ‘had a chance’ to talk to my bf about it yet - by that I mean I thought that showing him all the fun Christmas stuff that I can do in December will be more impactful than telling him on the phone and he has been away on business the last couple of weeks :slight_smile:
Since he will be back tomorrow night - this clearly was fate - or Disney Magic - at work!


I absolutely love Disney during the holiday season! It would definitely be worth another trip down!

Well my BF thinks I should again in Dec - he told me that he is going to pay for and book my flights this week.
So it looks like I am going! I did mention that he could come and that Disney would be a lovely place to get engaged - he did not seem completely convinced LOL