Reservation finder not working?

Searches on my reservations seemed to have stopped since yesterday. Anyone else noticing the same problem?

Have you refreshed the page?

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As @PrincipalTinker said, once you get a text / email, you need to restart the search even if you didn’t manage to book it.

Mine have frozen too. Must be a system error :woman_shrugging:

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E-mail - they will sort you out.

I noticed earlier that my searches are working either, but I didn’t think to report it. Good idea!

How can you tell if they are searching or not?

It shows you when it was last searched for. Usually there are two done each day I think.

Oh, going to check now thanks.

Mine says search active. Not checked yet. I did it yesterday. Does that mean it’s not working? I would never have known that.

Normally it checks about every two hours.

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Mine had been checking every 30 minutes…

I watch mine pretty closely and know that it’s every two hours.

Every 30 minutes seems rather intensive (but certainly more effective). I wonder if there’s a reason for the difference?

I have refreshed the page and the searches are active (haven’t gotten a text / email.) Last searches were at 10pm eastern last night so…around 20 hours since last searching now. Hope I haven’t missed those great times I am hoping for at 50’s Prime Time Diner at DHS and 'Ohana.

I’d certainly forgotten it was as often as every 2 hours.

However, just in case some people don’t realise, it isn’t an automated process. A few years ago Disney closed down most of these reservation finder tools, because of abuse like selling the reservations etc.

TP’s was allowed to remain, plus one other, because these searches are being done by actual people.

I just wanted to put this out there, that there could well be a reason for a temporary lapse. Such as, perhaps, the start of Ramadan, which might interrupt the normal work patterns for a couple of days, since I think I recall @len saying the team were based somewhere in the Far East -Malaysia maybe?

Also aren’t there issues right now with booking reservations? Maybe it’s simply they can’t run requests to access the database?

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Seems to be working now! My searches were run in the last hour.

I’ll check with the folks who’re doing the searches to see if there was a holiday thing.

What?? People are manually doing these searches? I had NO idea. Holy kudos to the staff!, WOW I’m stunned!

Yep, mine have been checked now as well. Wow! Tell them THANK YOU!

Yeah, it is still going every 30 to 45 minutes (this morning so far 7:47, 8:21 and 9:08)… it wouldn’t surprise me if various restaurants are checked with different frequencies. I am trying to get an adjusted time for CRT, which has huge demand, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t checked a little more often…

Or maybe more often based upon the number of people looking for a specific reservation.

Is there a hotel version of the reservation finder? I have a single night booked at Pop that I’d prefer to switch to AOA but all the cheap rooms are booked.