Reservation Finder is amazing!

We had followed all the dates and scheduled our Chef Mickey at 180 days. Then there was a miscommunication and our Chef Mickey reservation was cancelled. We didn’t realize for a couple of days that the reservation was gone. I decided to give the reservation finder a try, hoping it would work. After two weeks of waiting I just got the notice and was able to get the exact reservation we had lost!! Thank you so much touring plans for having this amazing tool!!


Such a great feature. Hasn’t let me down yet.


I know!! We’ve gotten 4 or 5 ADRs for our upcoming trip using this tool. Hoping it works for us again—have had res finder looking for an earlier time for Snow White dinner for us since literally the day ADRs opened for that restaurant back in October. I have an 8 pm ADR now as it was all I could get that day. The only time a notice came through was for 7:55 so I just reset the finder. Date is in a couple weeks so running out of time for luck!


Keep your eyes out. People are going to start finalizing plans soon, and dropping unneeded reservations (or things they thought they’d like 5 months ago, and have now decided against). I would not be surprised to see your reservation show up within the next week to 10 days.


Just got a reservation that I had almost given up hope on!!! So excited!


Reservation came through…in the middle of the night. Gone by morning. Arrrrgh! Back at it.

I am looking for an 8 AM reservation and Res Finder keeps sending me a notification that an 8:55 has been found. So I restart the Res Finder for 8 AM, and 5 minutes later it sends me the 8:55 again. Do I have to just keep restarting it? I don’t mind doing that, I love the res finder, just want to make sure there’s not a better way for me to do this.

It checks +/- 60min from your selection. I would snag that 8:55, then restart

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I already have an 8:15. :rofl: I’m being picky!! LOL

Where is it? From my understanding a lot of the park restaurants will end up seating you when you arrive if its before opening time. I have a 8:35 at Garden Grill that I’m hoping to do that at.

I seriously wouldn’t even bother. But the way to do it would be to set it for 7.10, then the latest it will check is 8.10.


I knew yall were going to say that! Ok, I will calm my OCD and just keep the 8:15, :slight_smile:

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Reservation Finder has gotten me Storybook Dining twice now. The first time it got me a late evening time and a couple weeks ago a 5:45 time popped which was perfect. I now have one going for Chef Mickeys.

If you have an odd party size, you may want to search for 1 more. I had it going for parties of 5 and 6 at the same time for Storybook Dining. I got a text for the party of 6 but it didn’t show up for 5. I’ve seen a couple reports that it may be one of the restaurants that’s hard to get as an odd party which seemed to be true in my case.

Good luck.

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Maybe I will get lucky. I also have a party of 6.

Just curious…did you book Storybook Dining as a party of 6 or 5? I know you were looking for 5 but 6 was coming up. Just wondering if you just ended up booking for 6?

Since it worked so well, I thought I may change around a couple of meals I wasn’t super happy with. Just found a Sci-fi dine-in for dinner on the second night we are there. So much better than the lunch that was kind of a crunch with fast passes. Now we won’t be rushing to get through lunch to make it to our fast pass.

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I booked it for 6.

We snagged two ADRs 15 minutes apart a month or so before our trip. I put in parties of 4 in res finder. They ended up combining our two ADRs no problem (even offered to do so. I didn’t have to ask!). I hope it comes through for you!! We really enjoyed that dinner!

I just got one for the time I wanted (well 5 minutes later but close enough!). I think your post prodded the universe :slight_smile: Thanks. Can’t wait to try it!