Reservation Finder - Good Vibes Needed

Hi Liners! I could use some good vibes that my Reservation Finder sends me a notice this week. I’m trying to get a table for 7 at Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming for Monday, November 20. So far…nothing! We are 7 days out and I would LOVE to eat at this restaurant. If we can’t get in, we are headed to Raglan Road. I think most of the adults in my party will be pleased with RR, but the kids will most likely enjoy Homecoming better. Hoping it works out!

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I asked on trip advisor if lounge does walkup… and it does, but you chance if there are open seats. but I’m told generally you can. so, even if you don’t get an adr…try walking up to lounge…

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I have eaten at both and although fried chicken is a good child meal I think the atmosphere at Raglan may be more enjoyable. I have eaten at Raglan with a two year old that thought it was the greatest place in the world. I am sure you will enjoy your meal no matter where you end up.

Res finder found me a BOG reservation for a 5:00 dinner on the night of a Xmas party the DAY BEFORE I wanted it. I didn’t end up taking it because I had already made another reservation, but there is hope!!


That is great to hear that the kiddo in your party enjoyed Raglan Road. I’m hopeful that my kids will as well. (Although, with the number of times that we are planning to brave Casey’s perhaps it is fine that they don’t get a meal that they just love every time!) This will be our first time in Disney Springs and I’m really looking forward to it. Any “must dos” that you would recommend?

Gotta love the Res finder!

Have you tried Open Table as well? I believe many of the Disney Springs split their reservations between MDE and Open Table. You might be able to find some availability there. We were able to walk up early in the evening, but this was when it had first opened and we were only a party of 3.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Homecoming is on Open Table. Bummer!

That was my initial thought, but Homecoming isn’t on OpenTable.

I may be biased because Raglan is one of my favorites. I have never had a bad meal there and family and friends have loved the live music and the dancers .

I love just walking through the stores. There is a new Star Wars store. At night there is live entertainment throughout.

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Reservation finder is great but for what your asking it may be difficult. 7 people find is rare. Even if it were two, once notified you have to grab it via phone as many other people are notified as well. They go really fast!

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do you mean phone call? or just have to be near your phone? I’ve snagged several off res finder without calling…but you have to be so quick. I lost 5 bon voyage breakfast before I actually got one and I was quick on one!

@DocHopper means that when I get the notice on my phone I need to jump on it from there rather than wait until I can get in front of a computer. I’ve made that mistake before and the reservation was no longer available.

And then there are the times you jump the second the text comes through and it’s still gone. :frowning: Just happened to me.

Yes, this happens more often than not. Here is my secret. When you get the notification on your phone click the dinning reservation link and reserve what ever it is. No need to look before hand about the day or time. Also if you have a previous reservation for the time or within the hour of your previous reservation, it will ask you to cancel your original reservation and by the time you do, someone else has beat you to the new notification. If you are quick and get the reservation no matter the time or date and you find it isn’t what you were looking for, cancel it and let someone else have it. Be persistent! I have gotten three BOG dinner reservations this way. Only need one and will give two of them up in the future when I decide which one will fit my needs. Therefore there are many reservations that will pop up every so often. Be quick and score.

I did press the link the moment it came through.

I have had my phone in my hand and clicked right away (I have saved passwords) and still missed it.

Yep! I’ll keep trying!

Worst-case I have breakfast there and “linner” at Skipper Canteen.

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Good luck! I just used it for thanksgiving week and have had some success!

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