Reservation finder glitch?

So Touring Plans reservation planner had been working great for me. It got me into BOG, CRT and a few others over the past few months. The last reservation I am looking for is Ohana. Unlike all of the others which I know.are tough, I have gotten at least 7 or 8 notifications for Ohana in the last 2 or 3 weeks for November dates. I have legit had my phone in hand and clicked through in 3 seconds or less and every time I get the Lady and the Tramp error message “sorry for the paws”. I find it hard to believe that someone has been so much faster than me suddenly when I was able to get the others relatively easily. Is anyone else having this issue?

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To answer your question I always got Stitch for BOG even when I had my phone in my hand until I finally was the winner! I look at it as a race. I expect that there are lots of liners, like me, waiting for these reservations. There can only be one winner! I wish there was some training we could do!

I did hear an advertisement for the reservation finder on a podcast this week. I expect the competition may be increasing😀

Keep in mind also the reservation finder is not an automated service. It’s live people looking to see if something is available. Also they aren’t looking only for yours they look in blocks. So for instance anyone looking for BoG on a certain day with an AM time listed. Then when they find one available they have to generate a message to every person for whom that reservation would come close to matching and send it both to email and phone. So realistically by the time you get the message that reservation could have been sitting there for 30 minutes or more.

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Wow. I did not realize it was done manually. Interesing. It just seems like something has changed in the last month that has made it tougher to get into. Im hoping a lot more chances will come up once i am inside the 30 day window. But I will keep trying! Ohana or bust!

I looked this morning and 'Ohana was available for tonight. If you don’t get it before you leave you can get nearly anything the night before as people cancel to avoid charges.

Also as you get closer to your trip more and more people (The ones that don’t obsessively over plan) are scrambling to get ADR’s so the ones that do pop up disappear a lot faster.

Not sure if this is related, but food for thought. I saw that one of my stay dates had an early am magic announced. The same night it was announced, I ran it by “the boss,” and we agreed it was a “go.” So, early am, I logged on to mde, and searched by park, breakfast, and found the match. Tried to book, and “Sorry for the paws.” I tried several different search methods, all the same result. That same event, however, every week before and after, I was able to get to the next screen to add my dining companions. I called the Help Desk three times. Two of the csr’s told me the event had sold out, but the 3rd csr told me that event, and the same event the week after was sold out. I logged back in, and had no issue booking the week after, even though it was supposedly sold out. Being an IT person, I tried off and on for a few more hours in between doing chores around the house. Still the same. If the event was so popular that the date I wanted sold out in under 24hrs, and the date the week after was supposedly sold out, why could I still book any date I wanted to before and after the date I wanted - including the date that was supposedly sold out? I called back and pleaded. I really did not want to miss the event because of some server glitch. After getting through, the final csr told me that she has noticed that sometimes, if you find an event, and you get the “paws,” try searching for the exact time of the event instead of morning or breakfast, etc. She booked it with no issues. It still may be that someone cancelled their ADR at the exact time I called, but just food for thought. I didn’t try to check availability since. I don’t want to tinker with it.

Thanks, that is actually a really good tip. I had something similar happen to me. Sometimes the “dinner” button doesn’t capture a reservation that was just cancelled so you have to check both!

I have been trying to get a BOG lunch reservation for months! I’ve received at least 5-6 notifications from the reservation finder, but by the time I log on and try to book, they’re gone. :frowning: