Reservation Finder for BOG


I know you have to be quick...I was under a minute...just the time to log in and pull the date up...and gone. For BOG do I have to have a tab open in my browser all day?


I had saved passwords on my phone and I think the first five times I received a text I was holding my phone and 30 seconds later it was gone! Eventually I have always been the winner but it can be crushing those times you are not! I will admit I received the text one time when I was driving and with saved passwords I was able to log in and pull over at the same time! I got that perfect BOG!


In my experience, you just have to keep trying with BOG. I missed a bunch of alerts for a preRD BOG ADR. Like you said, with phone in hand. I finally snagged it on our departure day. Just keep at it!