Reservation Finder & Dining Package


Is the TP reservation finder capable of finding dining packages for ROL, F!, etc.?


I don't know that answer to that question but I do have a package booked for September 9th ROL that I am going to drop soon if that one could help you.


Just curious... Do you happen to remember when the date opened up for you to book a RoL package for 9/9? I'm looking for 10/9, but they still haven't opened up.


The ROL package opened up for my dates on April 6. I went and checked my confirmation email so I could tell you the exact date. I actually found out because of the September Facebook group. Are you a member of the Oct group on FB? The September group has been so helpful for me,


Thanks for checking your records for me. This gives me some hope. Maybe by May 6 I'll see the availability. I'm going to check every day just to be on the safe side.

I'm not a member of the October group. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to join.


Found it! October Group
OK, created for October 2017


They opened up July through September on the same day which was about 2 weeks ago. So they will probably open Oct. -Dec. at the same time. Probably over the summer.


Thanks. And I have joined the group. :slight_smile: