Reservation Finder & Dining Package

Is the TP reservation finder capable of finding dining packages for ROL, F!, etc.?

I don’t know that answer to that question but I do have a package booked for September 9th ROL that I am going to drop soon if that one could help you.

Just curious… Do you happen to remember when the date opened up for you to book a RoL package for 9/9? I’m looking for 10/9, but they still haven’t opened up.

The ROL package opened up for my dates on April 6. I went and checked my confirmation email so I could tell you the exact date. I actually found out because of the September Facebook group. Are you a member of the Oct group on FB? The September group has been so helpful for me,

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Thanks for checking your records for me. This gives me some hope. Maybe by May 6 I’ll see the availability. I’m going to check every day just to be on the safe side.

I’m not a member of the October group. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to join.

Found it! October Group
OK, created for October 2017

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They opened up July through September on the same day which was about 2 weeks ago. So they will probably open Oct. -Dec. at the same time. Probably over the summer.

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Thanks. And I have joined the group. :slight_smile: