Reservation Finder came through - again!

Just got a text that BOG was available for a late lunch Dec. 18 and was able to log in and grab it! A few weeks ago I was thrilled when I got a text for dinner at CG on Dec. 19 and found it incredibly easy to follow the link and book it. This is such an AMAZING feature!!


Reservation Finder is fantastic - it has always come through for me.


Good for you @picktails! Enjoy!!

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I had to change my dining around to capture some early magic hour days and the reservation finder has been a godsend! We have gotten all the hard ones we wanted after the 180 days!! Even found “better” times for some previously booked. Thank you!! You have to be on it and I missed many texts but in the last week or so, we have lucked out. We just passed our 60 days so I’m wondering after fast pass selection days, maybe others switched around their dining. Reservation finder is great.

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I’m loving the Reservation Finder! I got most of the restaurants during my ADR window, but I’ve been using the RF to adjust the times. I just got one for Sci-Fi. It’s like winning the lottery! :smile: