Reservation Finder - BOG Dinner Reservations

Anyone having any luck getting BOG reservations with the reservation finder? Been notified ~5-7 times of an available time slot but whenever I try and reserve the spot I get a notice from Disney that that time slot is no longer available. Most of the time I check as soon as I get the notice from Touring Plans. Traveling right after Thanksgiving

Chances are there are lots of people getting that text. Just keep persevering, and with a little luck you’ll get it. :slight_smile:

Same issue , same time :blush:. I have a feeling we r going to be in for a crowd level surprise

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I have had really good luck getting BOG with the Res Finder - just keep at it!

Also remember that the link that is sent is one use only, so if it is sent to several people it will work only for the first person who tries it. It is always a good idea to manually search WDW reservations if the link doesn’t work, as there still may be availability for the time you were looking for.


I have been standing with my phone in my hand when the text came through and I still did not get the reservation! That being said I have always ended up with the reservation I wanted. Sometimes it just takes a long time!

Yep, same here - looking for a BOG Dinner for the week after Thanksgiving. I have gotten two using the Reservation Finder. Neither is ideal, but I want to get my touring plans finalized so, if I can’t get a better one in the next few weeks I am just going to proceed with whichever works best and dump the other.

Looks like we are all fighting for the same reservations! I’m looking for BOG on Dec 5th.

Same thing has happened to me at least 5 times. We are looking for November 28/29 reservations. Missed one at 230AM but the others, no longer valid as soon as I try and book. I was able to get everything else though-Chef Mickeys, Crystal Palace, Ohana. Also have BOG breakfast just so my we get a look at the place in case we do not get a dinner.

I agree we’re all looking for the same thing



Just keep at it. I had been trying to book a BOG lunch reservation and wasn’t able to get through on 4 or 5 Res Finder notifications but I got a reservation last week. I had my phone in my hand, looking at the screen when the notification came in, so maybe that is what it takes. :slight_smile:

Reservation Finder strikes again!

Just another note to add to this - I’ve just spent the last 4 months dealing with ADR’s and here are my thoughts: Although Reservation Finder can be helpful (it helped me finally get a PPO BOG), the majority of my sought-after ADR’s were achieved simply by spending a week or so CONSTANTLY checking myself! I would usually find them in the evening (Pacific Standard Time). Most of these were never even noticed by the Reservation Finder system. In short: Perseverance pays off! My trip is in late December, so I’m now obsessing with my upcoming battle with FP’s!


Thanks for the tip!

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Dang it!! I just got the text and it was gone before I got in! One of you got it didn’t you??? Lol

Wasnt me - I’m looking for 25-30th of November

I used the reservation finder for BOG for Dinner in January and it worked great. I got the text and instantly got the reservation but I could see if I had waited how fast someone else would have gotten the BOG for dinner. I would definitely use it again and keep trying.

Was just out searching this subject on Google. Found out that there are organizations out there that have Bot’s searching the Disney Dining Reservation site for BOG, and any other sought after reservation. When they find them they reserve it and hold them until they can sell them to someone looking for that reservation at the time they have. When they have an interested party, they notify them that they will drop the reservation back out on the Disney dining site and be prepared to grab it as soon as it becomes available. Talk about rotten! Here again, I heard about this on Google. DocHopper

I believe all of those sites were shut down.

That made me LOL!