Reservation, deposits, balance due app?

I am unable to locate an app (iOS) that will track my reservations, deposits, cancellation policies, due dates, payment in full, successful refund on cancellations and balances owed.

Googletrip, tourinplans and others do not appear to handle this kind of information. I’d prefer an app rather than creating a multi column spread sheet.

Touringplans! Maybe its possible to add a notes section on the front of the app that is not under each plan? So it’s right there staring at you so you don’t forget to cancel that extra hotel or car! If one exists, where?

Would anyone know of something that would work for this purpose? Ideally google trips should incorporate such a feature:)
Many thanks.

tripit maybe is something similar to this.

Duffybear. Thanks for the reply. I tried to get TripIt to link to all the reservation emails from Disney and had a heck of a time. I was going to try to track it all there as you suggested. It must be user error on my part.
Still hopeful a developer has created something that fits this need. I can’t be the only one;)